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Claire Foster
Rhead Group

Just thought I would give you an update on how I’ve been doing since the course in June. I implemented many of the tips and tricks that you provided such as a task list, assigning tasks to my colleagues, conditional formatting, categories and many more! Since implementing these I have become much more efficient which hasn’t gone unnoticed, and because of this I have been asked by other colleagues how to set them up and how to use them.

Due to this, in my appraisal I was given excellent feedback and was rated ‘exceeded expectations’ which is the second from top rating. I am very happy with this rating as I have only been in the role (since we had a restructure) since November.

I would like to say another BIG thank you as you course was very insightful and helpful, but also very motivational. My colleague is attending the course in August and is look forward to it.

Many thanks

I think what helped me was I attended the course open minded and this is my first PA role, previous to that I was a secretary, so I wasn’t really stuck in my ways, I had tried a few different things that suited at the time but as my workload grew it didn’t fit anymore. For example I used to use a word doc for my ‘to do list’, I started flagging early this year. This all has now stopped.

For setting up categories etc. I had started to do this but not used them in the way that I do now, and I spent my first morning in work after the course setting everything up! With this my confidence has definitely grown.

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