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I just wanted to thank you for providing such a stimulating and thought-provoking course. I will certainly be implementing the tips and suggestions just as soon as I can. I returned to the office today with renewed vigour and cannot
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Today we had a brilliant course on Time Management using Outlook. Paul Pennant is an amazing trainer and to deliver to a room of trainers he did an awesome job... Really recommend Paul and company :)
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There is simply no greater trainer out there than Paul Pennant. I brought him to Facebook today & he blew everyone away. Book him now.
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Technology - Making Your Job Easier

Technology - Making Your Job Easier

Over the last few years, technology has had, and continues to have, an enormous impact on our working lives. These days, whatever you need to do and however you need to organise yourself (and your manager) you can find the perfect tool to help you. From new hardware to the...
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Today’s PA Survey: No Technology Can Ever Replace a Great PA!

Modern technology has transformed daily office life. It’s automated routine tasks, given us the ability to work anywhere, anytime, and is well on the way to helping us create the “paperless office”. In short, it’s certainly made our lives easier. Or has it? One of the most illuminating questions in...
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Today’s PA Survey 2018: Top Motivating Factors for PAs: What are They - and Why?

As we know, the role of a PA can be a stressful one. In our survey results, we’ve already seen the range of challenges PAs face on a daily basis, and the demands that come with the job. But what about the flip side? What did our respondents feel were...
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Today’s PA Survey 2018: Top Ten Challenges for PAs

As part of our 2018 survey, we compiled a list of the ten major challenges PAs encounter on a daily basis. We then asked respondents to rank these on a scale from one (least challenging) to ten (most challenging).  Here’s a quick overview of the results and my advice on...
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Today’s PA Survey 2018: How changing roles and responsibilities are altering the image of the PA

Now in its 3rd year, our Today’s PA annual survey offers an insight into how the PA role is viewed across all industries and throughout the public, private, and charity sectors. As usual, our respondents came from around the world, with experience ranging from 1 year to over 40 years...
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