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The Assertive Assistant – 1 Day Course – Online

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This 1 day course is delivered online and is split into 2 half days.

Dates and timings

7-8 May, 1.00-5.00pm GMT

As an Assistant, do you wish people took you more seriously? Do you struggle to get senior members of staff to listen to you? Do you start work a little early, miss lunch or eat at your desk (while being interrupted) and finish work a little later? Maybe the idea of saying “no“ to colleagues makes you feel nervous? Do you feel like you can be your complete self at work, or do you accommodate people so often you even forget who you are anymore?

If you have answered “yes“, you may struggle with assertiveness. Most people do! This course covers assertiveness in depth together with much much more! In this course (with no role play) we cover the following:

Learning modules

  • Defining your role
  • Defining assertiveness
  • Why is assertiveness so difficult?
  • A comprehensive list of assertive things to say/do
  • Saying “no” with confidence and without feeling guilty
  • Being who you are and saying what you feel
  • 8 ways to persuade your colleagues
  • Managing your manager/s
  • Managing your time effectively
  • Gaining control of your inbox
  • Mastering minutes

Why choose this course?

  • 100 pages of handouts
  • 2 years of FREE post course support
  • Endorsed by the IAM
  • Certificate of attendance
  • 100s of satisfied clients
  • This course has been developed and refined over 17 years, keeping pace with the ever-changing role of the Assistant

How is this course delivered?

  • This course can be delivered at your venue
  • This course can be delivered online at the date and time convenient to you
  • This course is delivered online and is split into 2 half days

Dates and timings

7-8 May, 1.00-5.00pm GMT

Your trainer

PAul Pennant

Founder & Owner of Today’s PA

The Assertive Assistant – 1 Day Course – Online
Date: 07-05-2024
Days: Live
Location: Online
Places: 5
Non-profit price: £449.00
Price: £499.00
I walked out feeling more confident, empowered, motivated, competent and less stressed than I have ever felt. I could not wait to get into the office.
Confidence is sky high and I have used the ‘No’ word- extremely good.
I meant to write to let you know that I’m putting into practice lots of the skills I learnt on your course, mostly around behaviours and I feel much more in control without upsetting anyone – so much so that I have been asked to apply for the deputy managers post (additional duties and more money). So thanks for the confidence to show them what I am made of!!
I have to say that previous to going on the course I was close to looking for a new job but since I’ve come back I’ve just been enjoying it so much more. I even asked the boss for his objectives today!!! I feel much more in control and that’s what I was missing before I did the course. Mostly that was from a plain and simple lack of knowledge as to what exactly I should be doing but now that I know, there’s no stopping me!!
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