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Minute Taking Training Courses – 1 Day Course – Online

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This course is endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management

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This 1 Day Course is delivered online and is split into 2 half days.

Dates and timings

7-8 September 2021, 1.00-4.30pm

2-3 November 2021, 1.00-4.30pm

Our Minute Taking Training Courses – What will you learn?

No PA considers taking minutes to be pleasurable, but it has to be done – and done well. Not everyone working at PA level has come via the traditional route, which means that if you don’t take shorthand, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s being said. If it’s also a less-than-interesting meeting, it can be hard to maintain your attention so you don’t miss anything. And then when the meeting is over, it’s all got to be typed up and circulated – about as much fun as watching paint dry.

You might find it hard to believe we can make the job enjoyable, but after our Minute Taking Training Courses, you will know how to write minutes that are beyond reproach – and even enjoy doing so!

With recent changes in the way we work we will also look into technology that can help you enormously while taking minutes.

We will show you how to:

Enhance your listening skills to ensure you hear all key points

Sitting in a meeting and listening is easy enough, but actually hearing what’s being said is not just a matter of concentration, it’s about filtering the discussion so you can note the significant details. We’ll give you tips on effective hearing – with both ears.

Develop an effective partnership with the meeting’s chairman

The chairperson manages and directs the meeting, but needs to work in harmony with the minute-taker so that the flow of the meeting is noted properly. On occasions, this will require assertiveness from you – we show you how.

Improve the layout and grammar of your minutes for greater clarity

Research suggests that 16% of the adult population has literacy problems. We’re not suggesting that includes you, but today’s organisations can no longer assume that employees come to them fully-equipped to write grammatical English. Where help with the basics is needed, we provide it.

Condense your minutes down to the essentials, without losing the flow of the meeting

Different audiences have different needs and expectations from minutes. A CEO may just want an executive summary while a project team may need to see detail. We’ll show you several methods of filtering your notes so you can zoom in on what needs to be included in the minutes.

Maintain your concentration during the meeting, regardless of subject

This is a tough one, especially if you’re not directly involved in the subject of the meeting. You may not even understand the terminology being used. Relax: our special techniques for improving concentration will help you breeze through the meeting – without dozing off!

Improve your note taking, with a variety of methods to suit your style

Ideally, you write up meeting minutes straight afterwards. In practice, it could be a couple of days before you get round to it. By that time, the meaning of some cryptic comment with arrows pointing to a doodled diagram may have evaporated. Once you start applying one of the several note-taking methods we’ll show you, such nightmares will be a thing of the past.

Deal with technical subjects and jargon so that your notes are meaningful

Where the meeting includes a lot of technical jargon and detail, it’s easy to lose track. There are ways around the problem, however, so even if you’re a complete technophobe we’ll make sure you’re covered in glory when your minutes are circulated.

Use technology for minute taking

Whilst there is much research to indicate advantages in tasking minutes by paper and pen this course will also look at technology that can help you take highly effective notes and minutes. We will have a look at:

  • How you can record audio (and video) in MS OneNote
  • Transcribing in MS Word (in multiple languages)
  • Use MS PowerPoint for live subtitles (again in multiple languages)
  • How MS Teams can enable you to record meetings, live captions, transcribe your meetings
  • 10 non Microsoft apps and software you may consider using for notes and minutes
  • We will also look at recordings of meetings to understand good and bad etiquette


90+ pages

Style of Delivery

With a day to impart so much information effectively, we use a variety of training techniques to ensure that PAs retain what they have learnt and return to work able to implement their new knowledge immediately. Providing direct after-course support via email and social media, therefore, plays an essential part in this process. The techniques include:

  • No PowerPoint!
  • No Role Plays
  • Our promise to change you
  • Comprehensive handouts
  • Accelerated learning
  • High delegate participation
  • Very practically-based
  • Real-life examples
  • Tutorial instruction
  • Case studies
  • Group work

Minute Taking Courses that really score

All Today’s PA delegates are asked to evaluate the course as it finishes. Delegates regularly give us 5 out of 5, and 1 in 6 have said it’s the best course they’ve ever attended.

Our credentials

Multi Award-Winning PA Training

Today’s PA was named “Best PA Training Provider in the UK” six years running, having been voted for by thousands of Assistants in the PA Voice Awards 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

A Professional Trainer for Professional PAs

Your principal trainer, Paul Pennant, is the founder and Managing Director of Today’s PA. Paul started Today’s PA with a clear vision: to take his own experiences as a PA, office manager, and business director and create training Minute Taking Courses that meet the challenging real-world needs and aspirations of modern business professionals.

With the rapid advances in technology, Paul has specialised in helping PAs to utilise this technology to save time and reduce stress. He covers all Microsoft Office products at all levels. He is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master. With a post-graduate degree in business studies, few, if any, trainers are better qualified to deliver and lead the Minute Taking Courses for Today’s PAs – for you.

Our clients

  • PAs from over 80 countries have attended our Minute Taking Courses
  • Over 4000 companies, many of them blue-chip, have sent PAs to be trained successfully by Today’s PA
  • PAs fly into the UK from around the world to attend

Your Investment

Your investment is just £429 + VAT.

This includes:

  • Pre/post-course activity listed below
  • Handouts (over 90+pages) posted to you in advance
  • Today’s PA stationery

Pre/post-course activity

Pre-course assessment

When you commit your valuable time to this training day, we want you to know that we understand and recognise that commitment. We want to do everything we can to ensure that the Minute Taking Courses are thoroughly worthwhile for you. Being properly prepared will play a key part in achieving that success. Indeed, your success is our success.

If you get what we promise from the course – and we know you will – we are confident you will recommend it to peers and colleagues. So we would like you to complete a short questionnaire, just before you attend the Minute Taking Courses, in order to give us a snapshot of the kind of person and PA you are, how you became a PA and what are your issues, frustrations, hopes, and ambitions.

When you arrive at the Minute Taking Courses, you will feel that you are among friends who understand you – and you are because your trainers and course designers have all been where you are now. Doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling?

You may even wish to look at this article from Wikipedia before attending.

Post-course support

Once the Minute Taking Courses is over, we don’t just wave you goodbye and close the door. When you leave, you take with you our ongoing commitment to your success, which includes:

  • Free membership of the Today’s PA network
  • Email support from a nationwide network of experienced PAs
  • A platform to voice your opinions through our regular email newsletter
  • Professional help and information just a phone call away
  • Ongoing help with time-saving tips to make your day easier
  • Experienced help with finding venues and accommodation world-wide, including Newcastle and Abuja
  • ‘Hot tips’ email alerts to keep you up to date with the latest advice and info on new courses

Executive summary for managers

Taking minutes is a task not just confined to secretaries and PAs these days. Sometimes it gets dumped on the most junior person at a meeting, regardless of ability, experience or knowledge of the meeting subject.

No-one considers taking minutes to be pleasurable, but it has to be done – and done well – if the result is to be useful to all interested parties, as well as those who actually attended the meeting. In some cases, there may be financial implications or statutory requirements that depend on the accuracy and clarity of properly-drafted minutes.

If your PA is not a shorthand-trained secretary or PA, it can be difficult for them to keep up with what’s being said. When it’s also a less than interesting meeting – and let’s face it, they do happen – it can be hard to maintain their attention so they don’t miss something. And then when the meeting’s over it’s all got to be typed up and circulated – and most people think that’s about as much fun as watching paint dry!

You might well find it hard to believe we can make the job of minute-taking enjoyable, but after these Minute Taking Courses, your PAs will not only know how to write minutes that are beyond reproach, they will even enjoy doing so! And that’s a promise.

Why choose our Minute Taking Courses?

What makes this course stand out from all the others is mostly that it has been created by PAs and is targeted directly at PAs and other admin professionals. Not only will your PAs be receiving the very best in training from us, but they will be surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience in the form of the other PAs present. They will feel positively spoilt by this rare training and networking opportunity, and will return to work feeling confident, empowered, motivated, and of course with completely current expertise.

Group work and discussion are encouraged throughout our Minute Taking Courses. We don’t simply talk at our PAs; we involve them, listen to them and work with them. We make sure your individual PAs needs are met.

We know, that with so much valuable information to impart on our PAs, there really is a lot for them to take on board. That’s why we’ve gone that extra mile to ensure that your PAs really takes away as much as possible from these Minute Taking Courses. We provide them with easy to navigate, comprehensive hand-outs, covering everything discussed in the Minute Taking Courses, and much more. As a graduate of this workshop, your PA will become a lifetime member to our PA network; no question too big or small, we are always at the other end of the phone or email, ready to help.

In-house bespoke training

Even if you can’t make it to one of our venues, don’t despair – why not let us come to you?

There are many good reasons for keeping these Minute Taking Courses in-house: it makes for greater efficiency and ensures everything is focussed on your organisation’s business. Our Minute Taking Courses can be adapted to your organisation’s specific needs so that it perfectly aligns with its culture and values.

Your PAs can also network and share their experiences of these Minute Taking Courses, thus strengthening the PA role within your organisation.

Minute Taking Training Courses – 1 Day Course – Online
Date: 07-09-2021
Days: Online
Location: Online
Places: 4
Price: £429.00
Minute Taking Training Courses – 1 Day Course – Online
Date: 02-11-2021
Days: Online
Location: Online
Places: 4
Price: £429.00
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the minute taking course Ana and I did with you. I have to admit that I was dreading the day as I have always hated minute taking and thought the course would be hell and boring too. How wrong I was! Not only did you make the day very rewarding and fun, but I also learnt so much. I have returned  to the office totally fired up and actually looking forward to the next time I have to take minutes, so I can put these new ideas into practice. I never thought I would say that! Thank you again, good luck with the awards
I am still trying to put into practice everything I learnt on the minute taking course and I am sure that I will never stop learning new things but I am pleased to say that my boss definitely noticed a marked improvement after I completed the course so thank you.
Thought I’d share with you comments from my bosses about minutes I took and typed up yesterday:- “Though I would say that the only stuff I had to change is detail that you wouldn’t have been aware of – and that they are easily some of the best Management Meeting minutes that I have seen. Bloody good job” Tash Whitmey, Managing Director" I’m really chuffed!! So, Paul, your training really worked for me. Again THANK YOU!'
Lovely venue, relaxed and enjoyable training session, extremely well delivered. I felt much more confident, and prepared to tackle the toughest of meetings!
Minute writing made simple was a fun, innovative course that made sense and was packed with practical tips and best practice. The trainer has a wealth of knowledge and was well versed in his field. I would definitely recommend this event and would like to go on future events run by this trainer.
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