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Endorsed PA Training – 5 Day Course – Online

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Level Up Your Skills & Career

Working as an Assistant can be an incredibly lonely job. You work hard day in day out and you never seem to complete your to do list. And working from home – whilst convenient – brings its own challenges. I have been training Assistants like you since 2005, and for the last 7 years have been named The Best Training Provider of Assistants in the UK. I know the skills you need right now. This is the PA Training Course to help you level you up.

I’m also a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional). I have dedicated over two decades to empowering Assistants and other Office Professionals through expert guidance, specialising in Microsoft Outlook, Teams & the broader M365 suite. In April 2024 I received a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award. This accolade is awarded by Microsoft to exceptional community leaders and technical experts and is a testament to my deep expertise and commitment. It recognises those who demonstrate outstanding contributions and influence within the Microsoft ecosystem. My extensive experience includes delivering high-impact training sessions both locally and internationally, firmly establishing me as a sought-after voice in the realm of Microsoft technologies. My commitment to excellence and his pioneering use of Microsoft technologies have not only enriched the lives of countless professionals but have also shaped the future of executive support.

Award-winning content

The Assertive Assistant

✔ Becoming a Strategic Assistant
✔ Dealing with Stress
✔ Handling Interruptions
✔ Managing Your Manager/s
✔ Assertiveness
✔ Managing Your Time & Emails
✔ Modern Office Systems

Outlook Masterclass

✔ 263 Tips Covering Advanced Task Management
✔ Calendar
✔ Inbox Management
✔ Contacts
✔ Notes
✔ Countless Shortcuts

Excel, Word & PowerPoint Masterclass

✔ 135 Excel Hacks
✔ 90 Word Tricks
✔ 24 Windows10 Tips
✔ 112 PowerPoint Time Savers

Managing Successful Projects and Events

✔ 7 Steps to Managing Successful Projects
✔ Creative Problem Solving
✔ Organising Brilliant Events
✔ Pivoting to Virtual Events
✔ Using Microsoft Planner for your Projects and Events
✔ Using Microsoft Forms for your Projects and Events
✔ Using ChatGPT and Copilot for Your Projects and Events

Minute Writing Made Simple

✔ 12 Speedwriting Techniques
✔ Using OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and Teams to Take Notes Automatically
✔ Grammar
✔ Over 200 Useful Words and Expressions
✔ Over 70 Sample Agendas and Minutes Provided
✔  How to Remain Focused in Boring Meetings
✔  Using Microsoft OneNote for Effective Minute Taking

Why choose this course?

✔ This course is tought by Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and Best PA Training Provider for the last 7 Years
✔ 390+ Pages of handouts + supporting files
✔ 2 years of FREE post course support
✔ Endorsed by the IAM
✔ Certificate of attendance
✔ Thousands of satisfied clients
✔  This course has been developed and refinded over 17 years, keeping pace with the ever-changing role of the Assistant

How is this course delivered?

✔  This course can be delivered at your venue
✔  This course can be delivered online at the date and time convenient to you
✔  This 5 day course is delivered online and is split into 10 half days

Individual days can be booked separately.

Dates and timings

September – October 2024

Day 1 – The Assertive Assistant –  24-25 September, 1.00-5.00pm GMT
Day 2 – Microsoft Outlook Masterclass – 1-2 October, 1.00-5.00pm GMT
Day 3 – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass – 8-9 October, 1.00-5.00pm GMT
Day 4 – Managing  Successful Projects and Events – 15-16 October, 1.00-5.00pm GMT
Day 5 – Minute Writing Made Simple – 22-23 October, 1.00-5.00pm GMT

Your trainer

PAul Pennant

Founder & Owner of Today’s PA

Endorsed PA Training – 5 Day Course – Online
Date: 24-09-2024
Days: Live
Location: Online
Places: 5
Non-profit price: £2,245.00
Price: £2,495.00
I have just realised that it is 10 years this summer since I attended the course! I have found the things I learnt then invaluable in my career ever since and have helped other people too by showing them things I learnt on the course.  Thank you – it really was the best course I have ever attended.
I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had.  I learnt so much – I still can’t quite take it all in. The first thing I did when I got in the office was set up all my categories in Tasks/Outlook.  That has definitely changed my life!  Also it made me realise how much I do.  On the first day I used it I completed 13 tasks (so when at the end of the day you think, what did I actually do – I can just look at my task list and feel satisfied!). My next thing is to tackle the minutes for our weekly team meeting.  The assertiveness training is helping me here…. When I came home I felt like I was in a complete bubble – the social side of things was amazing too – I...
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