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Swansea Bay University Health Board

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Sarah Romano
Swansea Bay University Health Board

A couple of things, huge thank you for your sessions. I am new in my current role, not used computer much until now (only for personal use). I did a Clait computer course 18yrs ago and thought my little knowledge from years ago would help in my current role. But your courses have helped me learn so much more. Yours courses have helped me to improve my computer skills to make me more productive in my work.


I was given a 37 slide PowerPoint presentation which I hated (the subject “recognizing dying”), was awful. With your help and tips, I managed to get it to a 15 slide PowerPoint (you’d probably say still too long), but now looks more engaging, interesting and it doesn’t ramble on. I have since also produced a slide show for my son (he is 8) to use in school, I wanted to engage the children with graphics and highlight interesting facts (subject was Japan). So, I showed him some skills too.


Teams was really informative waiting to running my own meeting with the idea of using forms. Get instant feedback of the information that is being presented.


Excel mind-blowing too many tips, lol. My note keeping for that session was on 4 A4 pages so much information. Would love more information as most tips I have used have been so helpful.


Just completed the Outlook one and I didn’t know about to do lists. I am trying to set it all up ready for Monday morning when I will start to use and encourage my colleagues to use it too, but I think it will take time to get use to not writing notes.

A quick question do you think it could be used for a time and motion exercise as I have to record my work for use of my time on a project that I am involved in. I would love any suggestions to help me organise this.


Got to say I have enjoyed your wit and your sense of humor 😂 over the weeks.

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