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Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass – 1 Day Course – Online


This course is available in-house face-to-face or online.
For more details call 020 7622 2400 or email

Avoiding death by PowerPoint is possible!

You don’t need to be a designer to create amazing presentations. But you do need to know the remarkable tools Microsoft have designed. I have been teaching Microsoft full time since 2005 many of those as a Microsoft Certified Master.

Key areas covered:


✔️ Master Slides in depth: changing bullets, changing colours, adding transitions to all slides
✔️ Access 1000s of Templates to amend and use as you own

Working with Slides

✔️ Adding, rearranging, and duplicating slides
✔️ Using Design Ideas in brilliant ways


✔️ SmartGuides, gridlines, guides and ruler
✔️ Adding Hyperlinks
✔️ Add sections to manage your deck


After teaching Microsoft full time since 2005 I know a few hundred. I’ve condensed them down to the most useful for you.


✔️ Select text (or placeholder) and press CTRL + [ or ] to increase or decrease the size of your font.
✔️ Select text and press CTRL and spacebar to restore text to default format.
✔️ Press F4 to repeat your formatting.
✔️ And many many more shortcuts!

Adding Content

In PowerPoint you can insert the following items. We cover them all.

✔️ Text
✔️ Shapes
✔️ Tables
✔️ Pictures (Over 100 ways to amend)
✔️ Icons: cutout people, stickers, illustrations, cartoon people, videos, 3D models, SmartArt (Over 240 templates). This tool may remove bullet points from your presentations forever!
✔️ Charts and linking them back to data in Excel
✔️ Microsoft Forms
✔️ Text Boxes
✔️ Headers and Footers
✔️ WordArt
✔️ Video
✔️ Audio


Once you understand how to add content then you’ll learn how to skilfully move them onto your slide, emphasise the content or let them leave your slide gracefully.

✔️ Making text fade
✔️ Adding audio to content
✔️ Adding multiple animations
✔️ All animations are shown in the course presentation provided


In the slide deck provided all transitions are shown. Once you learn to morph your transitions it WILL change your presentations forever.


Place a shape on slide 1 ➡️ Duplicate slide ➡️ Move shape on slide 2 ➡️ Add morph transition to slide 2. Morph can be used on any object in PowerPoint!


✔️ Adding notes
✔️ Rehearsing timings
✔️ Presentation Coach
✔️ Using the best view for you
✔️ Presenting in Teams
✔️ 22 Presentation shortcuts.


During presentation press J or B or CTRL + L and see what happens

Good design

After learning the amazing tools at your disposal, we will go through the fundamentals of good design. Elements explored:

✔️ Colour
✔️ Size
✔️ Uniformity
✔️ When to use bullet points and how to improve them

How is this course delivered?

✔ This course can be delivered at your venue
✔ This course can be delivered online at the date and time convenient to you
✔ This PowerPoint Masterclass is delivered online and is split into 2 half days.

Style of Training

You will be supplied physical handouts and access to the course presentation of over 400 slides.

Why choose this course?

✔️ Taught by Microsoft Certified Master
✔️ Over 200 tips in handouts
✔️ Slide deck with over 400 slides
✔️ 2 years of FREE post course support
✔️ Certificate of attendance
✔️ 1000s of satisfied clients
✔️ I have been teaching this course for over 17 years

This course is available in-house face-to-face or online.
For more detail call 020 7622 2400 or email

Your trainer

PAul Pennant

Founder & Owner of Today’s PA

Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass – 1 Day Course – Online
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