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Advanced Masterclass: Collaborating with MS Teams – 1 Day


This course is available in-house face-to-face or online.
For more details call 020 7622 2400 or email

What will I learn from this Masterclass?

Most people using Teams are only leveraging a few of its most basic features like making calls and attending meetings. We’ll go far beyond!

We’ll start with some basics:

✔ Getting started with and navigating Microsoft Teams
✔ Creating, joining and editing Teams and members
✔ Using text chats and channels, sharing files, taking notes and using whiteboard
✔ Adding Wikis, Tabs and Apps
✔ Using Search and Command functions

Later in the session you will learn some amazing advanced features that will make you look more professional, save you time and achieve better results while working with your manager and/or team.

I’ll show you how to:

✔ Make a Teams call from any email received by clicking one button
✔ Use Breakout Rooms
✔ Add “Chat to me in Teams” in your email signature
✔ Give access to your Channel even if they are not a member
✔ Find the email address for any Channel you created
✔  Invite guests to join your private Team conversations
✔ Email a conversation to Outlook
✔ Add Workflows
✔ Add “Meet Now” button to your Outlook Quick Access Bar
✔ Carry out live polls while in a meeting
✔ Have a sophisticated filing system
✔ Co-collaborate on documents
✔ Protect files so they cannot be edited
✔ Mute chats from busy Teams so you can get on with your work
✔ Use PowerPoint Presenter mode allowing you access to: your presentation, notes, future slides, chat panel, videos of delegates
✔ Integrate MS Forms, Survey Monkey, Zoom, Trello and MailChimp to your chats and channels.

Why choose this course?

✔ Awarded Best PA Training Provider for the last 6 Years
✔ I’m a Certified Microsoft Master
✔ 70+ pages of handouts
✔ 2 years of FREE post course support
✔ Certificate of attendance
✔ Thousands of satisfied clients

Your trainer

PAul Pennant

Founder & Owner of Today’s PA

Advanced Masterclass: Collaborating with MS Teams – 1 Day
TEAMS: As a complete novice to teams and its functionality within education, Paul's training enabled me to get up to speed quickly. His dynamic approach to sharing his wealth of knowledge allows you to feel like you are learning at a pace but he remains open enough to explain in more detail as required. Perfectly pitched Paul, thank you. POWERPOINT: If you think you know PowerPoint, think again. Paul has a gazillion little tips to help make your presentation really stand out and engage the viewer. I can't look at a presentation now without thinking of ways to improve it! Paul, your hours spent playing around with all the shortcuts have saved us a great deal of extra work, thanks for sharing! WORD: A wonderfully informative session showing not only what Word can do but how we can save time...
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