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I just wanted to thank you for providing such a stimulating and thought-provoking course. I will certainly be implementing the tips and suggestions just as soon as I can. I returned to the office today with renewed vigour and cannot
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Today we had a brilliant course on Time Management using Outlook. Paul Pennant is an amazing trainer and to deliver to a room of trainers he did an awesome job... Really recommend Paul and company :)
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There is simply no greater trainer out there than Paul Pennant. I brought him to Facebook today & he blew everyone away. Book him now.
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Personal Assistants must be ready for the next big challenge

Personal Assistants must be ready for the next big challenge

David Clubb, MD of Tate Recruitment, has seen many changes in his career.  Working in recruitment for 25 years, he has watched the industry change its working practices to keep pace with technology, and meet the demands of a new generation of clients and candidates. Alongside this, he has witnessed...
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Personal Assistant Tips On How To Manage The Unmanageable – Your Manager

Have you ever been described – or described yourself - as the “work spouse”?  It’s a controversial thing to say - but you can see why the PA role has often been referred to as such.  It’s a relationship underpinned by loyalty, trust, and respect.  You work closely with your...
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Are you an expert at saying ‘Yes’ and a novice at saying ‘No’?

For many of us, PAul Pennant will need no introduction.  As MD and Principal Trainer of Today’s PA, he has trained thousands of office professionals all over the world.  Having been a PA and Office Manager himself, he understands only too well the pressures of today’s business environment.  At this...
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Andy Workman: “You need to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else”

Andy Workman understands the way the mind works.  As a clinical hypnotherapist, he uses proven mindset management techniques to help his clients with a range of personal and professional issues.  His book, ‘Cavemen and Polar Bears’, weaves together his professional expertise, academic research, and real-life examples to demonstrate how we...
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Take part in the Today's PA Survey 2018

The Today’s PA annual survey helps shed a little light on the ever-evolving role of the PA within today’s workplace, and always reveals some surprising results. I would like to kindly ask you to fill in the Today's PA Survey 2018. It will only take you up to 5 minutes to complete....
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