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I just wanted to thank you for providing such a stimulating and thought-provoking course. I will certainly be implementing the tips and suggestions just as soon as I can. I returned to the office today with renewed vigour and cannot
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Today we had a brilliant course on Time Management using Outlook. Paul Pennant is an amazing trainer and to deliver to a room of trainers he did an awesome job... Really recommend Paul and company :)
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There is simply no greater trainer out there than Paul Pennant. I brought him to Facebook today & he blew everyone away. Book him now.
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PA Training and the Art of Delegation

Delegation is an art form. As PAs, we’ve all come across those who are masters of the art – and those who could do with a little help.  Attending a PA course in the subject will help you to avoid becoming one of the latter. Training of this sort can...
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The Stressful Office

Being a PA in a busy modern office is as stressful and demanding as it is exciting. It’s true that sometimes stress can be useful.  But stress that continues and mounts up can lead to illness and long-term health issues. Therefore it’s best to tackle the stress at the root...
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Today's PA Awards – 44 days and counting!

Today’s PA recognises the extraordinary value Personal and Executive Assistants bring to organisations. In recognition of that we have launched the Today’s PA Awards. Are you ready to receive the recognition of your brilliance as a PA/EA? Might you win the £10,000 prize? I’d like to encourage you to enter, the...
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PA Training on Your CV

When you’re applying for a new job, do you proudly list the PA training courses you’ve attended or do you leave them till last, down at the bottom of the page? The answer may be a bit of both. CVs should, of course, be individually tailored to each new job...
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Why Wait till Your Appraisal?

When is the best time to discuss your PA training with your boss?  When you’re both busy with deadlines, you may feel that there is never a good time. You may just decide to discuss it at your appraisal. Of course, an appraisal is the best time to discuss your...
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