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Paul Pennant – Microsoft MVP

We are delighted to announce that in April 2024 Today’s PA founder and lead trainer Paul Pennant received the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award.

What does that mean? Microsoft website explains:

“We recognize exceptional community leaders for your technical expertise, positive influence on those around you and commitment to solving real world challenges with cutting-edge technology.”

Less than 300 professionals in the UK hold this award.

Paul has dedicated over two decades to empowering Executive Assistants through expert guidance, specialising in Microsoft Outlook, Teams & the broader M365 suite. His extensive experience includes delivering high-impact training sessions both locally and internationally, firmly establishing him as a sought-after voice in the realm of Microsoft technologies.

Paul’s contributions across social media have significantly enhanced workplace productivity and innovation. Despite the challenges of finding new ways to innovate with familiar tools, Paul’s unique approach involves leveraging insights from his diverse group of delegates. This collaborative method not only keeps his training fresh and relevant but also continuously drives advancements in executive support practices.

Paul’s commitment to excellence and his pioneering use of Microsoft technologies have not only enriched the lives of countless professionals but have also shaped the future of executive support.

This award will have an impact on the work Paul does in the future, but training Assistants will always be his first PAssion.

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