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TRAILBLAZER Membership – Assistant Online Community

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Are you an Assistant who wants to be at the top of your profession? It’s time to take your skills to another level. Today’s PA TRAILBLAZER is a place where Assistants gather together to learn highly practical skills, network and get an ongoing support.

Being an Assistant can sometimes feel a little bit lonely. By becoming a TRAILBLAZER you will never ever feel alone again!
Today’s PA has earned a reputation as a leader in productivity and technical skills training. You would be hard pressed to find these attributes elsewhere. The primary goal of TRAILBLAZER is to provide very practical weekly training sessions to help Assistants keep these important skills up to date.

I’m PAul Pennant, Managing Director and Principal Trainer of Today’s PA. In an extremely competitive marketplace I have been voted the best trainer of Assistants in the UK for 6 years in a row🥇. I’m also a Certified Microsoft Trainer.

I’ve decided to take all of my experience as a former Assistant, Business Founder and Owner and 16 years of training, and create this amazing community online. I would like to invite you to become a member of Today’s PA TRAILBLAZER.

What Do You Get As a Member? 

⭐Weekly one-hour live online training sessions
⭐Access to sessions recordings and supporting materials 
⭐Access to members only MS Teams Group
⭐Ongoing support from fellow TRAILBLAZERS and PAul
⭐10% discount for Today’s PA full day training courses 

Weekly sessions are held each Wednesday at 5:15 pm GMT

The sessions are organised in a five-week cycle.

  • Week 1 – Microsoft Magic with PAul Pennant
  • Week 2 – Behavioural & productivity skills with PAul Pennant
  • Week 3 – Wellbeing session with Andy Workman. Visit Andy’s LinkedIn profile for more details
  • Week 4 – Ask PAul Anything
  • Week 5 – Networking session

All sessions except for Weeks 4 and 5 will be recorded and available for review later if you cannot attend live sessions. “Ask PAul Anything” and Networking session will not be recorded due to confidentiality as some topics and questions discussed might be too personal.

After each session members will receive supporting materials or action points.

Topics of all sessions will be announced several days before so you can submit your questions to the speakers in advance and they can be anonymous.

Session schedule for September – December📅:

29 September – Ask PAul Anything
6 October – Networking session
13 October – OneNote Wizardry with PAul
20 October – Problem Solving & Creativity ( Part 1) – PAul
27 October – Skyscrapers with Andy Workman 
3 November – Ask PAul Anything
10 November  – Networking session
17 November – MS PowerPoint with a Passion (Part 1) – PAul
24 November – Problem Solving & Creativity (Part 2) – PAul
1 December – Forgive and Forget. Is it weak to forgive? – Andy Workman
8 December – Ask PAul Anything
15 December – Networking session
22 December – MS PowerPoint with a Passion (Part 2) – PAul
29 December – End of Year Party 🎈🎈🎈

Your investment

Individual rates:

Monthly Payment – £30 (including VAT) – that’s only £6.5 per session👛
Yearly Payment – £300 (including VAT) – that’s only £5.5 per session👛
You can cancel your subscription any time.

Corporate rates:

10 members – 10% off yearly payment
20 members – 15% off yearly payment
50+ members – 25% off yearly payment  plus bespoke training with Paul Pennant

“I became a Trailblazer in December 2020 after following Paul on LinkedIn and attending a few of his webinars, being able to learn from him on a weekly basis was an opportunity not to be missed!  To date I have learnt lots of tips in Teams, Windows shortcuts, Outlook Tasks, PowerPoint tips as well as learning more about wellbeing from Andy Workman with topics covering Positive Affirmations, Letting Go and The Power Battle of Gossip and Kindness plus so much more.  Guest speakers are also invited to discuss a variety of topics relevant to assistants and having the opportunity to network with Trailblazers via a dedicated Teams channel at any time, not just during the weekly calls is so handy.  If anyone has a burning question it gets answered quickly but also means others can learn from the advice given too.  I have benefited so much from this membership, it’s an excellent investment in my development. “

– Rachael Phillips, Transport for West Midlands

Additional benefits

Andy Workman, our resident Mindset Specialist, has made his own personal contribution to the membership benefits.

Any organisation employing one or more TRAILBLAZERS will receive a 20% DISCOUNT on any of the corporate Mental Health, Wellbeing or Personnel Development Training that he offers.

Andy says “Anyone feeling competent, well prepared and supported in their work is likely to enjoy better mental health and wellbeing. I believe that TRAILBLAZERS is such a positive influence in the wellbeing of our members that I am happy to do my bit in encouraging employers and managers to support their Assistants in becoming members.”

This genuine offer is available to ALL TRAILBLAZERS, whether existing members or new joiners.

The discount will be applied to the training session and, depending on the size of your organisation, could save your company more than the annual subscription cost of the TRAILBLAZER membership.

To claim your 20% DISCOUNT contact Andy to discuss your organisations needs and identify yourself as a TRAILBLAZER when doing so. Your discount will be applied when your current membership is confirmed with Today’s PA.

Andy’s contact details , 07890 027 083

Please note – the discount is available to the company as an employer of TRAILBLAZER members. A maximum of 20% discount is available on any training, regardless of how many TRAILBLAZERS are employed within each company.

Questions, questions and questions 

Why should I become a member of Trailblazer?

  • Highly practical sessions
  • Emphasis on wellbeing and mental health
  • Emphasis on productivity and technical skills
  • Networking space and supportive community
  • Safe environment to discuss your problems and issues
  • Ongoing support from PAul and fellow members

How do weekly sessions differ from Today’s PA Webinars?

  • More variety of topics
  • Guest speakers
  • More personal support
  • Supporting documents
  • More time for Q&As

Can I become a member if I have never been an Assistant? 

Yes. If you have experience of working or studying and have touched a computer, you’ll be fine. The sessions are intense, but it will be for everyone.

Is this course suitable for a VA? 

Yes. The soft skill sessions will help you with managing your clients and looking after your own wellbeing. The productivity sessions will enable to take on more complex work.

How can I be sure this membership is right for me? 

Send me an email at I will be happy to discuss your concerns.

I cannot wait to start TRAILBLAZING with you.

Be healthy🍎



Monthly Payment


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Annual Payment


(+ VAT)

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