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Microsoft Masterclass – 2 Day Course – Online

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This course is endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management

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This 2 Day Course is delivered online and is split into 4 half days.

Dates and timings


Day 1 – Microsoft Outlook Masterclass – 10-11 August 2021, 1.00-4.30pm
Day 2 – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass – 17-18 August 2021, 1.00-5.00pm


Day 1 – Microsoft Outlook Masterclass – 12-13 October 2021, 1.00-4.30pm
Day 2 – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass – 19-20 October 2021, 1.00-5.00pm


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What will I learn?

Day 1 – Microsoft Outlook Masterclass

Over the years, however, applications like Microsoft Outlook have grown in sophistication and refinement to the point where they really can help you do your job better, and take some of the pressure off.

Outlook is now a mature and fully-fledged assistant for you; learning to exploit its capabilities will help you make the most of your time and simplify and automate other office tasks that until now have been tediously manual or just impossible. In our experience, Microsoft Masterclass delegates save an hour every day using our Outlook tips. That’s five or more hours a week – half a day given back to you to do other things!

This Masterclass covers:

  • Using Tasks to organise your work, manage your time and projects
  • Managing your Inbox as a pro
  • Time saving Calendar hacks
  • Managing and organising your Contacts to make your life easier

With MS Outlook you can:

Convert information in emails straight into contacts, appointments and tasks with a click of the mouse

You are going to love this. Instead of all that palaver toggling between an email and a new contact window, copying and pasting individual snippets of information from one to the other, which seems to take ages (and then sometimes copy or paste doesn’t work), we’ll show you how to add a new contact, plus any relevant information from their email, in less than two seconds! You won’t believe how much time this will save you.

Carry out mail merges to email, just as you do with Word

Most of us have emailed a letter to invite delegates to an event. How about doing the merge direct to email instead? That’s right: send personalised emails to hundreds of people from one email message. No more anonymous ‘Dear All’ emails with the recipients dumped in BCC: after this course!

Manage your and your manager’s projects with the Tasks function

PAs are invariably inundated with tasks from their bosses, other managers, colleagues etc. How do you keep track of and prioritise them? Simple: you learn how to use the tasks function in Outlook to track EVERY task seamlessly. This session often leaves delegates literally speechless!

Personalise your diary and run your manager’s at the same time

You get a call from a client who wants to meet your manager. You give yourself a crick in the neck as you try to match your boss’s calendar with your caller’s availability. Outlook provides a beautifully clear and easy way to view multiple calendars and dates hands-free!

Colour coding

Colour code incoming emails so you can see at a glance when your manager emails you.

Email Templates

Send out standard emails with just a few keystrokes.

Colouring your appointments

Learn how to colour your appointments automatically without using categories.


Create multiple email auto-signatures for multiple managers.


Find out how to use voting buttons; a brilliant function when you have standardised responses.

Create rules to automate Outlook tasks

This includes such incredibly useful rules as diverting CC’d emails to your boss into a separate folder so she can quickly scan them; automatically printing certain emails; making sure you never forget an email attachment ever again.


Link contacts into ad hoc groups, such as from management and project teams.

Send out a Christmas party invitation

This is an excellent example of how Office can take some of the load off your shoulders. Your boss has asked you to invite 1,000 people to the Christmas party – how are you going to do it? Easy: enable Outlook’s voting buttons in the invitation email, creating separate folders for ‘Accept’ and ‘Decline’ replies, setting up rules to divert the responses into the right folders. Auto replies can also be set up so ‘Accept’ replies are sent an email with the venue, map and timing details while ‘Decline’ replies are sent a simple ‘Thank you’. The beauty of this is that once it is set up – which really is easy to do – you won’t have to lift a finger. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And just think how much time it can save you.


156 Time saving tips within 50+ pages (2007,2010,2013 and 2016)

Day 2 – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel Masterclass

This Time Management course focuses on using Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to save you time. As with all computer-based office tools, we tend to use familiar features and functions and ignore the rest. You will learn how to really use these effectively to produce amazing professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and with the use of our breath-taking shortcuts, it needn’t take you hours!

PowerPoint with a PAssion

Many office professionals use Microsoft PowerPoint frequently, but few use this program to its full potential. Making your (or your manager’s) PowerPoint presentation more polished and engaging is easier than you think. During this course you’ll learn some helpful tricks to take your PowerPoint game to a new level.

You would probably agree that most PowerPoint presentations are boring. Too often there are too many slides, too many bullets, too much text. The deck always seems too dull or too exciting. Then there is the speaker who wants to show you they have used every animation and transition…

The truth is good slides require a sound understanding of the basics and then how to go deeper and deeper to get your message across. We will look at all the main features and we’ll start combining them to make beautiful presentations.

What will you learn on the day?

  • Working with slides and text
  • Formatting your slide
  • Master slides
  • Animation and sound
  • SmartArt that’ll make you cry
  • Amending pictures
  • Charts
  • Transitions
  • OMG presenting shortcuts (e.g. making your screen black by pressing one button, drawing on top of your slides during your presentation)
  • Merging pictures
  • Eyedropper fill
  • Icons
  • Every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Free tip: Have you ever struggled to line up your images in your slideshow? Next time press shift + F9. This will display gridlines for you to line objects up perfectly.

Taking the Fear Out of Excel

Many office professionals have a genuine fear of using Microsoft Excel. However, this program is not just a useful tool for accountants and actuaries! Excel has been designed with one goal in mind – it will do what you ask. If you don’t ask correctly it’ll soon let you know.

The secret of Excel is learning how to communicate with it. Excel always behaves in the same way. In this Masterclass we will cover a mixture of basic, intermediate and advanced skills.

  • The absolute basics
  • Handling a cell
  • Moving around cells
  • Formatting and working with your workbooks
  • Charts and tables
  • Paul’s all time favourite tip to find formulas
  • Adding comments
  • Wrapping text
  • Freeze Pane secret
  • The wonders of Paste Special
  • Clearing Cells button
  • Auto fill
  • Quick Totals
  • Producing drop down lists
  • Editing several sheets simultaneously
  • Conditional formatting
  • Splitting text into Columns
  • Printing impossible documents
  • Getting sheets/workbooks to talk to each other
  • Combining two or more formulas
  • The miracle of Flash Fill
  • Having fun with Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Every shortcut you will ever need – and more

Free tips: Have you ever struggled to come up with just the right formula for your work? Next time press shift + F3 and ask Excel what you want it to do. Want to create a chart instantaneously? Select your data and press F11.

Working With Word

Of all the productivity sessions Paul Pennant teaches Microsoft Word has to be his favourite. The shortcuts and approach in Word is something he uses every time he touches his keyboard. Most of the tips are the same in Outlook and PowerPoint too. Double win!

Improve your productivity and efficiency with these useful tips and discover some of the most overlooked features in MS Word.

  • Functions you must add to your Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using Autocorrect in ways you have never before
  • Personalising your bullets
  • Removing format from your text with just two key strokes
  • Format painting at another level
  • Editing a PDF in Word. Yes you can!
  • Applying the colour of your logo/brand to your document
  • Using Styles to save you time
  • Working with large documents
  • Mail Merge
  • An abundance of keyboard shortcuts including Paul’s all-time favourite Microsoft Shortcut
  • And… secret emojis 😎

Free tip: Most people go to their ribbon (or toolbar) to increase the size of their font. If you highlight your text and press Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + ] your font size will decrease/increase.


420 Time saving tips within 100+ pages (2007,2010,2013 and 2016)

A training course that really scores

All Today’s PA delegates are asked to evaluate the Microsoft Masterclass as it finishes. Delegates regularly give us 5 out of 5, and 1 in 6 have said it’s the best course they’ve ever attended.

Our credentials

Multi Award-Winning PA Training

Today’s PA was named “Best PA Training Provider in the UK” six years running, having been voted for by thousands of Assistants in the PA Voice Awards 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

A Professional Trainer for Professional PAs

Your principal trainer, Paul Pennant, is the founder and Managing Director of Today’s PA. Paul started Today’s PA with a clear vision: to take his own experiences as a PA, office manager and business director and create training courses that meet the challenging real-world needs and aspirations of modern business professionals.

With the rapid advances in technology, Paul has specialised in helping PAs to utilise this technology to save time and reduce stress. He covers all Microsoft Office products at all levels. He is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master. With a post-graduate degree in business studies, few, if any, trainers are better qualified to deliver and lead the Microsoft Masterclass for Today’s PAs – for you.

Our clients

  • PAs from over 80 countries have attended our workshops
  • Over 4000 companies, many of them blue-chip, have sent PAs to be trained successfully by Today’s PA
  • PAs fly into the UK from around the world to attend

Your Investment

Your investment is just £858 + VAT.

This includes:

  • Pre/post course activity listed below
  • Handouts (over 150 pages) posted to you in advance
  • Today’s PA stationery

Pre/post-course activity

Pre-Microsoft Masterclass assessment

When you commit your valuable time to this Microsoft Masterclass, we want you to know that we understand and recognise that commitment. We want to do everything we can to ensure that the Microsoft Masterclass is thoroughly worthwhile for you. Being properly prepared will play a key part in achieving that success. Indeed, your success is our success.

If you get what we promise from this course – and we know you will – we are confident you will recommend it to peers and colleagues. So we would like you to complete a short questionnaire, just before you attend the Microsoft Masterclass, in order to give us a snapshot of the kind of person and PA you are, how you became a PA and what are your issues, frustrations, hopes and ambitions.

When you arrive at the Microsoft Masterclass, you will feel that you are among friends who understand you – and you are because your trainers and course designers have all been where you are now. Doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling?

You may wish to have a look at this article on PAs from Wikipedia.

Post-course support

Once the workshop is over, we don’t just wave you goodbye and close the door. When you leave, you take with you our ongoing commitment to your success, which includes:

  • Free membership of the Today’s PA network
  • Email support from a nationwide network of experienced PAs
  • A platform to voice your opinions through our regular email newsletter
  • Professional help and information just a phone call away
  • Ongoing help with time-saving tips to make your day easier
  • ‘Hot tips’ email alerts to keep you up to date with the latest advice and info on new courses

Executive summary for managers

To train or not to train? Why bother?

Both inexperienced PAs and the seasoned EA veteran will benefit from our Microsoft Masterclass.

We will show your PAs that computer is the best and safest place to store their tasks, projects, lists, thoughts, and anything else they cannot afford to lose or forget.  They’ll also be able to keep track of them efficiently and effortlessly, become more organised and automate those tedious, mundane and time-consuming tasks.

We will show your PAs amazing tips and shortcuts across Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint, that will absolutely transform the way they work and save them up to 1.5 hours per day. Imagine what they could do with all that extra time! It’s not unusual for our PAs to get in touch with us after the workshop, and report a newly found sense of certitude and satisfaction at work upon their return to the office. This positivity can only mean amazing things for you too!

Why choose this Microsoft Masterclass?

What makes this Microsoft Masterclass stand out from all the others is mostly that it has been created by PAs and is targeted directly at PAs and other admin professionals. Not only will your PAs be receiving the very best in training from us, but they will be surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience in the form of the other PAs present. They will feel positively spoilt by this rare training and networking opportunity, and will return to work feeling confident, empowered, motivated, and of course with completely current expertise.

Group work and discussion are encouraged throughout the workshop. We don’t simply talk at our PAs; we involve them, listen to them and work with them. We make sure your individual PAs needs are met.

We know, that with so much valuable information to impart on our PAs, there really is a lot for them to take on board. That’s why we’ve gone that extra mile to ensure that your PAs really takes away as much as possible from this workshop. We provide them with easy to navigate, comprehensive hand-outs, covering everything discussed in the workshop, and much more. As a graduate of this workshop, your PA will become a lifetime member to our PA network; no question too big or small, we are always at the other end of the phone or email, ready to help.

In-house bespoke training

Even if you can’t make it to one of our venues, don’t despair – why not let us come to you?

There are many good reasons for keeping the Microsoft Masterclass in-house: it makes for greater efficiency and ensures everything is focussed on your organisation’s business. The course can be adapted to your organisation’s specific needs so that it perfectly aligns with its culture and values.

Your PAs can also network and share their experiences of the course, thus strengthening the PA role within your organisation.

Microsoft Masterclass – 2 Day Course – Online
Date: 10-08-2021
Days: Online
Location: Online
Places: 5
Price: £858.00
Microsoft Masterclass – 2 Day Course – Online
Date: 12-10-2021
Days: Online
Location: Online
Places: 6
Price: £858.00
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the training you gave on Outlook at AHDB.  I have embraced the training wholeheartedly … and you will be delighted to hear using ‘tasks’ every day.  I have passed on some of the training to work colleagues, who love ‘QuickParts’ and the calendar shortcuts. I hope to be involved in some of the other training that you offer soon.  Thank you also for the certificate.
It has literally transformed our way of working and freed up a great deal of time in our working day. We now almost always operate with less than half a dozen emails in our inboxes. Everything is neatly colour coded and sorted in our task list and, as you said, that fact that we can just add in a task whenever we are asked to do something means that we will (probably!) never forget anything again (other than to enter it in the first place, of course!)
Thank you once again for yesterday's session Paul - honestly think it was the best days training I have had.  I now can't wait to put aside time to get things straight in my head and all set up and running!  
More efficient emails: I now have a 3 min delay and now never send emails without the attachments. The best email in the world: I send this when planning our Christmas parties. Okay, it takes me about 45 minutes to write up the email and all the possible replies and to make the rules but once it is done, I don’t think about it again. Regular meetings with my boss: I knew I needed these but seemed to be happy enough to just wait until he suggested it. Attending the course gave me the confidence boost I needed to tell him that I needed it. We now catch-up weekly and I know which meetings need to be attended and which can be delayed.
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