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Microsoft Automation Bootcamp: Expert Skills for Elite EAs

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Dates and timings

11-15 November 2024
9.00 – 17.00


Central London (TBC)

What will i learn?

As a recognised Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), an accolade awarded by Microsoft to exceptional community leaders and technical experts, I am thrilled to present the Microsoft Automation Bootcamp: Expert Skills for Elite EAs. This prestigious title is a testament to my deep expertise and commitment, and it is an honour that you cannot apply for—it is awarded by Microsoft to a select few who demonstrate outstanding contributions and influence within the Microsoft ecosystem. Leveraging this rare and distinguished recognition, this transformative five-day retreat is meticulously designed to elevate your skills to an expert level. Join me and experience hands-on training with Microsoft’s most powerful tools, where you’ll master automation and streamline your workflows like never before.

Join us for a transformative five-day retreat designed exclusively for senior executive assistants who are ready to elevate their skills to an expert level. Throughout this week, you will gain hands-on experience with Microsoft’s most powerful tools, learning to automate and streamline your workflows like never before. Here’s what to expect each day:

Day 1: Mastering Microsoft Outlook

Dive into the automation capabilities of Microsoft Outlook. Learn how to use rules, alerts, and automated responses to manage emails more efficiently. We’ll also explore calendar integrations and task automation, ensuring you maximize productivity without sacrificing accuracy.

Day 2: Streamlining with Microsoft Teams

On our second day, focus shifts to Microsoft Teams. Discover how to automate meeting scheduling, integrate apps, and use bots to enhance team communication. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to create workflows that keep your team connected and informed with minimal manual input.

Day 3: Enhancing Efficiency with SharePoint

Day three is all about leveraging SharePoint to its fullest potential. We’ll cover automated content management, workflow creation, and how to use SharePoint to facilitate seamless document and resource sharing across your organization.

Day 4: Advanced Automation with ChatGPT, Copilot, Power Automate, and Power Apps

This day will introduce you to the powerful combination of ChatGPT, Copilot, Power Automate, and Power Apps. Learn to build custom automation across your Microsoft services, creating intelligent workflows that think and act in ways that save time and reduce errors.

Day 5: Integrating Microsoft Forms and Personal Implementation

The final day will begin with mastering Microsoft Forms for automated data collection and analysis. The afternoon session will focus on one-on-one support, helping you apply what you’ve learned in a practical setting, ensuring you leave the camp ready to implement advanced automations in your daily work.

Join Us for a Year of Growth

Beyond the camp, participants will receive monthly follow-ups via Microsoft Teams and become part of our exclusive Microsoft TRAILBLAZERS group, ensuring ongoing support and advanced learning throughout the year.

The fee includes a night out at the theatre on Thursday night and networking drinks on Friday night.

Your trainer

PAul Pennant – Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

Founder & Lead Trainer of Today’s PA

Microsoft Automation Bootcamp: Expert Skills for Elite EAs
Date: 11-11-2024
Days: Face-to-Face
Location: London
Places: 5
Non-profit price: £2,599.00
Price: £2,799.00
I have just realised that it is 10 years this summer since I attended the course! I have found the things I learnt then invaluable in my career ever since and have helped other people too by showing them things I learnt on the course.  Thank you – it really was the best course I have ever attended.
Life changing knowledge Time saving tips Confidence building Paul is very knowledgeable - knows his stuff
I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had.  I learnt so much – I still can’t quite take it all in. The first thing I did when I got in the office was set up all my categories in Tasks/Outlook.  That has definitely changed my life!  Also it made me realise how much I do.  On the first day I used it I completed 13 tasks (so when at the end of the day you think, what did I actually do – I can just look at my task list and feel satisfied!). My next thing is to tackle the minutes for our weekly team meeting.  The assertiveness training is helping me here…. When I came home I felt like I was in a complete bubble – the social side of things was amazing too – I...
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